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Enjoy the perfect stay-at-home meal with sushi grade seafood. Dust off that sushi kit you never use or keep it simple and prepare sashimi. The star of our sushi box includes a whole sashimi grade Japanese Hamachi Loin, flash frozen and vacuum packed at the source. Its luscious and buttery texture will melt in your mouth. We also include Tuna Saku, BBQ Eel, Shrimp Ebi, Kanikama and Wasabi for a complete culinary experience that you will enjoy for several meals.

What's in the box?

1 Hamachi Loin (1.5-1.8 lbs)

1 Tuna Saku AAA Block (1 lb)

1 BBQ Eel (12 oz)

1 Shrimp Ebi 5L 20pcs (9 oz)

1 Kanikama "OSAKI" (17 oz)

1 S&B Wasabi (1.52 oz)

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