Mahi Mahi - 4 x 6oz portions

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Enjoy tropical flavors with our wild-caught Mahi Mahi. This popular seafood offers a mild flavor that can play host to the most colorful dishes. It effortlessly pairs well with fresh fruits, savory sauces, and even coconut or macadamias. Feel free to take control in the kitchen with this fish that is favored by chefs for its firm texture and versatility. Cube mahi mahi to make kebabs or tacos or grill it over wood or with wood chips for a smoky flavor. Each bite is filled with premium quality that will make this fish your favorite seafood. It is highly sustainable and responsibly fished and harvested.

All items are individually vacuum packed and quick-frozen to maintain freshness.

Wild Caught
Flavor Palate:
Mild & Sweet
Wine Pairing:
Sparkling Wine
Craft Beer Pairing:
K├Âlsch (Alaskan Brewing)

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