Food Safety

Achieving the Best in Quality Begins with Food Safety

Food safety is built into our culture at Santa Monica Seafood—literally. Temperature-controlled facilities and a fleet of refrigerated trucks provide our customers the assurance of a cold chain from our docks to your door. Moreover, we segregate fish according to frozen, fresh, and live seafood, all with separate rooms and temperature controls.

Santa Monica Seafood is the first and only seafood company in the United States to achieve the internationally-recognized FSSC 22000 and ISO 14001 certifications. ISO 14001 recognizes that standards throughout our entire operation help continually reduce our environmental impact, while FSSC 22000 certifies that our food safety practices are the strongest in the industry.

From a food safety perspective, that means Santa Monica Seafood exemplifies the best food manufacturing system in the world. This results in products that consistently meet all quality, safety, and labeling requirements. This commitment also includes full traceability along with an independent system of verifications to ensure we’re always achieving standards of food safety excellence.